Our educational approach addresses your child's full potential.

MUSE Academy is an independent private school in Brooklyn.  Currently offering Pre-K3 through Grade 2, MUSE Academy fills a critical need for high quality, humanist education. We seek to develop the full potential of every child as lifelong learners, expressive artists, and active citizens in his or her community. Music, movement, and performance are central to the MUSE educational experience and profoundly contribute to cognitive and social development. Our unique Pre-K and Kindergarten programs nurture creativity and a passion for learning from an early age. Our approach engages all the modes through which children learn and communicate — including verbal, analytical, kinesthetic, spatial, social, and emotional — using an inquiry-based learning model. We plan to add additional grades each year as our students advance, eventually through Grade 12.


Meet the MUSES


We approach music through immersive  daily instruction beginning in Pre-K that weaves rhythm, song, and simple melodies into the fabric of learning and daily life. Every MUSE artist develops baseline musicianship that builds into advanced levels of performance and music creation in succeeding years.


We believe that language skills are acquired best through a performative approach in which reading, writing, and speaking well are taught as pleasurable activities that grow out of vivid texts and shared creation. Early skills are then honed through study of grammar, rhetoric, and literary performance as children mature.


Our science curriculum ignites a sense of wonder and drive to understand the world by progressing from visual learning and tactile experimentation, to analytical skills and tools. We present science as an ongoing and unfinished project that MUSE students actively participate in as future scholars and citizens.

Early Childhood Education at MUSE


MUSE Academy welcomes families to begin the journey of discovery at an early age, with our Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 classes, led by specialist teachers in early childhood education, and a Kindergarten program that provides a solid transition to elementary school. The daily routine of pre-K students at our nurturing Brooklyn private school is infused with music and the arts, from the first morning circle, where students gather with their teachers, through the afternoons filled with dance, imaginative play, and choir. The MUSE After-School Program provides an extended day option for working parents with science discovery, art, and movement combined with outdoor play.

Each class has a master teacher and teaching associate to provide individual attention and support to young learners. They are responsible for developing the essential academic building blocks and creating rich interconnections during specialist-led classes in musical instruments, dance, creative movement, science discovery, and visual arts.

Our teaching approach engages the full range of senses - tactile, visual, olfactory, movement, rhythm - so as to fully engage young minds and keep a powerful flow of discovery and wonder.

Tactile explorations of arts build skills, creativity and confidence.

Tactile explorations of arts build skills, creativity and confidence.

Developmentally appropriate musical instruction begins at age 3.

Developmentally appropriate musical instruction begins at age 3.

A Day in the Life at MUSE


At MUSE Academy, every day is an adventure in learning in which rigorous core academic instruction is richly intertwined with music, performance, and visual arts.

Each morning, the Head of School warmly greets MUSE students as they enter the building and transition from family life to the new environment of structured learning, social development, and creative expression at MUSE Academy. Classrooms start with 15 minutes of community building and character development, typically with interactive games, song, and dance. Each classroom is governed by behavioral norms they have helped to shape as active citizens.

Visual Arts reinforces concepts from math, humanities, and drama.

Visual Arts reinforces concepts from math, humanities, and drama.

Group classes in voice, piano, violin, and guitar build baseline musicality.

Group classes in voice, piano, violin, and guitar build baseline musicality.

Humanist Education Reborn


Long ago, in ancient Greece, it was believed that arts, sciences and languages gave human beings access to the creative spark and insight into the forces ruling the world. Education was seen as the highest good because it shaped the citizens, artists, and thinkers of the future who made civilization possible.

The Greeks credited divine beings known as the Muses with the creation all known arts and sciences, as well as the education that transmitted these gifts from each generation to the next. Instruction in the full range of disciplines was seen as essential to cultivating young people of talent and character.

Since then the range of scientific knowledge has exploded and music, letters, and the arts have continued to evolve. But along the way, the concept of educating the whole child with a curriculum that embraces the arts has been often lost sight of. Until now.

Daily classes in dance and movement begin in pre-K.

Daily classes in dance and movement begin in pre-K.

Passionate math specialists starting in kindergarten.

Passionate math specialists starting in kindergarten.

The Brooklyn Music School has been part of our
community for over a century.


MUSE Academy was founded by the Brooklyn Music School as an extension of our mission to help our community experience the joy of music and the artistic and intellectual benefits of musical performance. 

BMS provides thousands of children and adult students with high quality music and dance instruction both at our historic Fort Greene facility and through our Outreach Program to schools, senior centers and community centers across NYC. With offerings ranging from Early Music for toddlers to group violin and guitar classes and African drumming for adults to a leading opera training program for emerging artists, BMS has something for everyone.

The Brooklyn Music School views music and performance as the birthright of all people, an essential way that human beings connect with others and explore their creativity. MUSE Academy students will enjoy an education enriched by world-class music and dance faculty and an atmosphere of creativity, diversity, and discovery that exemplifies the best  of Brooklyn.


Our School

MUSE Academy is located in the heart of Brooklyn's cultural district, only half a block from the Barclays Center-Atlantic Avenue transit hub with convenient connections to most Brooklyn subway lines and the LIRR. We are a few blocks from major cultural resources including the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Mark Morris Dance Center, Theater for a New Audience, BRIC, and the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts.


126 Saint Felix Street
Brooklyn, NY, 11217
United States



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