After-School Program at MUSE

The benefits of a high-quality after-school program are enormous, having been shown to boost children’s engagement in learning and promote physical health, while providing a safe and nurturing environment for children of working parents.

Have you ever dreamed of running away with the circus?  To succeed, you would need an intricate understanding of physics— not to mention a strong drive to persevere in the face of challenges!! With a mission to cultivate scientific literacy, self expression, and a strong sense of community, Cirque du Science is MUSE Academy’s unique, interdisciplinary after school program that uses circus, dance, and the arts as mediums to facilitate NGSS-aligned discoveries in physics.

With a diverse team of talented MUSE Academy educators, your child will spend each day exploring the many interconnected elements that go into making a spectacular, jaw-dropping performance!

When: Monday through Friday

Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm

Ages: 3s, 4s, & 5s

Cost: $5400 per year for 5-days a week, or $1200 per year for one day a week

For kids starting January 2019, a discounted second semester rate of $2700 for 5-days a week, or $600 per one day a week is available!

Who: This program is open to everyone. You do not have to be a MUSE student to attend.

Students can enroll for all or part of this program on a daily or full week basis.

Sign up below for 1-5 days per week!

After School Dance & Movement

Let's MOVE! - mondays

We begin our week with focus on the use of props and imagination to encourage young children to learn music and dance concepts. The class includes basic ballet and modern fundamentals with body conditioning, games, improvisation and rhythmic exercises. Children learn better when they are having fun! Creative movement helps children discover the possibility of human bodies through different ways of moving. Students learn discipline and social skills in a positive and safe environment. It inspires their creativity and helps build the self-esteem and confidence.

After School Engineering

CIRQUe de science! - Tuesdays

Have you ever watched a baby drop a spoon, hand it back to them, and then watch as they drop it the exact same way again? That clever little scientist just did an experiment to make a discovery about gravity! Every child is a natural-born scientist, carefully watching and wondering about the world. In this class, your child’s natural gift is carefully sculpted through guided exploration with “gravity powered toys”. There’s a big world out there to explore!

musical theater.JPG

Musical readers Theater - Wednesdays

Storytelling is an essential part of human culture- and there’s no better way to learn the elements of fiction than by jumping into the story yourself! In this class, your child will explore stories through engagement with music, interactive read aloud stories, theater games, puppetry, improv, clowning, and more! Kids will gain exposure to a range of instruments and learn to employ them to dramatic effect! Everyone has a story to tell!

After School Science Program Brooklyn

Imagineer That - Thursdays

These days, everyone is talking tech— from smart watches to smart robots to VR. But did you know that your child’s shoes, their crayons, even their baby diapers are technology too? Engineers are always inventing new technology— tools designed to make life easier. In IMAGINEER THAT, your child will learn the ropes of the engineering design loop, identifying problems, imagining solutions, and creating tools that change challenges (even the pint-sized ones) into possibilities.

After School Sculpture Program Brooklyn

Super sculptures -Fridays

Creativity and problem solving at its best! In super sculpture day we will explore the concept of creative possibilities, encouraging problem solving and invention! Using puppetry, hands on sculpture projects; using mixed media constructions, recycled materials, clay, wax, felt and plaster to name but a few, little artists will experience a multitude of traditional and non-traditional artistic media. Weather permitting, outdoors and nature will become a subject and material for nature art.