MUSE ARY After-School Program at MUSE

The benefits of a high-quality after-school program are enormous, having been shown to boost children’s engagement in learning and promote physical health, while providing a safe and nurturing environment for children of working parents.

With a diverse team of talented MUSE Academy educators, your child will spend each day exploring the many interconnected elements that go into making a spectacular, jaw-dropping performance!

When: Monday through Friday

Time: 3:00pm-5:30pm

Ages: 3s, 4s, 5s & 6s

Cost: $5400 per year for 5-days a week, or $1300 per year for one day a week

Who: This program is open to everyone. You do not have to be a MUSE student to attend.

Students can enroll for all or part of this program on a daily or full-week basis. Space is limited and preference will be given to those registering for all five days.

Sign up below for 1-5 days per week!


Musicals! - mondays

Let’s sing, dance and stand in the spotlight! 

Students will learn introductory components of singing and choreography from popular musicals like “Annie”, “Hairspray”, “The Lion King” and others. They will build confidence in their performance skills through both solo and ensemble work, and strengthen their stage presence.

drama after school.jpg

Take a bow! - Tuesdays

You can profoundly change the world with the voice of the theatre. Come ignite your Children’s inner thespian and magnify their imaginations! Young children thrive to play and for a child, play is the vehicle for developing creativity, imagination and oral communication skills. Students will learn tongue twisters, explore clowning, puppetry, movement and dramatic storytelling in this program. All which will lead up to short plays & musicals performed throughout the school year!


Animal arts & Crafts - Wednesdays

Each afternoon, these young learners will learn about a new animal and as a fun culminating activity, create a relevant craft. These projects will include puppets, masks, sculptures, paintings, and collages. Students will deepen their knowledge of the natural world, and by the end of the term have a collection of creature creations!

Some of these creations will be used in our performing arts productions and student museum days!


Let’s Move - Thursdays

We bring a surge of energy to our week with focus on the use of props and imagination to encourage young children to learn music and dance concepts. The class includes basic ballet and modern fundamentals with body conditioning, games, improvisation and rhythmic exercises. Children learn better when they are having fun! Creative movement helps children discover the possibility of human bodies through different ways of moving. Students learn discipline and social skills in a positive and safe environment. It inspires their creativity and helps build the self-esteem and confidence.


Book Making -Fridays

Who knew such young children could be published artists and authors? Each Friday we will read stories and create our own books inspired by those we study. Students will bring home an original published book to share with their family. Their creations will include accordion books, scrolls, pop-up books, activity books, biographies, and more. They will get introduced to a variety of techniques that help them develop their fine motor skills. With an introduction to book binding, students will grow their appreciation of books and develop a signature library of their own.