Amanda Deering

 Amanda Deering, Pre-K Teacher

Amanda Deering, Pre-K Teacher

Pre-K, Head Teacher

Amanda has been working with children in a wide variety of capacities since 2009. While studying Psychology at UCLA, she served children as a behavioral therapist, bringing the most up-to date, research-proven methods to support child development.  After graduation she became increasingly interested in classroom-based pedagogy and fell in love with the Montessori philosophy.  She studied at the Montessori Teacher Education Center in the San Francisco Bay Area and received her credential in Early Childhood Education. 

In the classroom, as well as in a few homes, Amanda developed individualized and interdisciplinary lesson plans that weaved the child's interests with their skill level in order to support learning and development.  While teaching in a Montessori classroom in San Francisco, she noticed the need for more gross motor outlets.  She developed a yoga curriculum that weaved breathe and body awareness into the language, science, mathematics, cultural and arts curricula.  She also created an after-school yoga program that extended on the lessons in the classroom in a play-based, multi-sensory group activity.    

Amanda moved to New York to obtain a Master's degree in the History of Education at Teacher’s College, Columbia University.  She has been asking the question: “how did our education system develop into what it is today?”, in order to understand how best to move forward in the creation of a classroom that best supports all of its students individually.  While she is not reading or writing on the history of education, she brings yoga to children and their parents at Bend and Bloom yoga studio.  Amanda has also developed a practice of observing in various preschool and pre-kindergarten classrooms around the New York Metropolitan area in order to learn new techniques and tools from other teachers.  She believes in the teacher’s role in cultivating the natural curiosity that children bring into the classroom and maintaining an inspiring learning environment and community that is conducive to the learning process.  She believes in supporting each child individually, celebrating the diversity of interests and cultures that the bundles of joy bring to the classroom.