Kindergarten in Brooklyn

MUSE Academy offers the best Kindergarten in Brooklyn for families who are looking to unlock their child's creative potential and develop a life-long passion for learning. Our focus is on the whole child that combines structured learning of literacy and numeracy with music, dance, arts and creative play.

Our Kindergarten class is taught by outstanding teachers with backgrounds in early childhood education, literacy, reading, and mathematics. The daily routine begins with morning circle, where students gather with their teachers, and includes science discovery, visual arts, and Spanish language, leading to afternoons filled with dance, imaginative play, and choir. 

We make use of both a master teacher and subject specialists, to provide individual attention and support to young learners. Our teaching approach engages the full range of senses — tactile, visual, olfactory, movement, rhythmic — so as to fully engage young minds and keep a powerful flow of discovery and wonder.

Kindergarten is  a critical transitional point, as your child receives the foundation for more advanced academic work while also advancing the social and emotional development, to be an active participant in their own learning. At MUSE Academy, they will learn what it means to be part of a supportive community where respect, sharing, and collaboration are highly valued. They will gain the essential skills to begin to understand the world beyond their family and be active contributors to shaping their environment as future citizens.

Brooklyn Kindergarten Literacy

Language & Literacy

Our language acquisition approach uses group story time and reading circles to develop an early passion for narrative and language. Young scholars continue to focus on phonics, reading fluency, and handwriting, and now begin to transition into short writing assignments, rapid vocabulary acquisition, and study of grammar and syntax in kindergarten. Your child will learn to ask questions, share perspectives, and imaginatively explore their own versions of stories that they learn through journals, artwork, narratives, and group performances. Using our inquiry-based methodology, children become active listeners and readers who ask probing questions and shape the flow of class discussion. 

Kindergarten math science.jpg

Math & STEM exploration

Kindergarten math at MUSE Academy builds on the three-step learning process of concrete, pictorial, and abstract to advance understanding and fluency of math concepts. Based upon proven Singapore Math pedagogy, our teachers help young scholars acquire math skills they will apply in STEM adventures that are integrated with each lesson. Counting, place value, and number sense now provide the solid foundation for addition, subtraction, geometry, measurement, graphing, fractions and other core math concepts. Students begin to understand and describe the world around them in terms of length, mass, capacity, and time and then immediately deploy these strategies in tangible scientific experiments and engineering exercises.

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Music is woven throughout the day of Kindergarten students at MUSE, from the morning circle to songs in Spanish language and story time. Daily formal instruction in music employs Orff percussion instruments and other developmentally appropriate wind instruments and drums to develop rhythmic patterns and melodic phrases and engage in improvisation. Exposure to a range of other instruments is used to identify early individual preferences. Students learn to appreciate music from a wide range of musical traditions, recognize the sound of all the instruments in the orchestra, and read simple musical notation. Vocal instruction in brings across the joy of the human voice as children learn to prepare and perform short songs that are delivered with emotion and enthusiasm in performances to their peers, the school, and the community.

Brooklyn Kindergarten dance.jpg

Dance & movement

Daily instruction in dance and movement is an integral part of the MUSE educational experience, and an invaluable means to develop body awareness, strength, social learning, and energy regulation. In Kindergarten, gross motor skills, coordination, and socialization are all honed across a range of daily dance and movement exercises that combine core development, energy regulation, and aesthetic concepts. Core skills such as counting, alphabet, shapes, rhythm and pattern recognition are reinforced through mirroring, call and response, and synchronized skywriting. Students learn more advanced sequences and are able to engage in improvisation and basic dance notation, which culminates in exciting performances at the end of each semester.

Kindergarten Visual Arts.png

Visual arts

Visual Arts will be taught as an integral element of MUSE Kindergarten, and the interplay of creativity and imagination stimulates intellectual, practical and artistic development. Students will be empowered through experiential and immersive exploration of  the realm of visual arts and the study of self expression, observation, color theory, visual thinking and problem solving, art history, fiber arts, sculpture, painting and drawing. In Kindergarten colors, forms, and narrative elements become more advanced and reinforce the thematic elements from other subjects including Humanities and STEM Adventures. Working in thematic ‘blocks’ of study relating to the core curricula, visual arts will integral subject supporting the academics while encouraging students as artists, thinkers and problem solvers.

Kindergarten Spanish


At MUSE Academy daily, immersion study of Spanish continues in Kindergarten. Spanish is taught through speaking, naming, singing, and call and response. From the moment students begin their language class, not a word of English is spoken, so that Castellano becomes a second"mother tongue." Daily language practice to build confidence, vocabulary, and oral fluency continue to be the focus in Kindergarten, as students now transition to written Spanish with short sentences and age appropriate texts.

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