A different kind of independent school

Inquiry- Based Learning at MUSE

Our Philosophy

MUSE Academy seeks to develop the full potential of every child as lifelong learners, expressive artists, and active citizens in their communities. Our approach engages all the modes through which children learn and communicate — verbal, analytical, kinesthetic, spatial, social, and emotional — using an inquiry based learning model.

  • Students who are fully engaged by the learning environment can achieve extraordinary results.
  • The pursuit of knowledge is a limitless endeavor that empowers citizens to make positive change.
  • Human creativity is sparked by discovery of the interconnections among the spheres of arts, sciences, and languages.

Our approach helps students build comfort with and mastery of complex material through exploration, examination, practice, performance, and then finally through teaching their peers

Enthusiastic Scholars at MUSE

Our Values

MUSE Academy's educational approach is informed by a set of core values and beliefs and the passion of our educators to help children reach their full potential. We believe in passing on the best of human knowledge and achievement, while adapting to the learning styles and interests of each child.

  • Every child has the potential to achieve academic excellence when educated in a way that speaks to them and given a context in which the subject matter is meaningful.
  • Music and performing arts are foundational components that enhance cognitive development, build confidence, and foster creative thinking.
  • Language arts, humanities, mathematics, and sciences are best learned as interconnected and ongoing human projects that spur insight and inspire natural wonder.
  • Active citizenship connects students with the world beyond the classroom, while allowing them to shape their own learning environment.
  • Character education and social intelligence are critical to life success and form integral parts of the MUSE education.

Well Rounded Education at MUSE

Our Goals

Our mission is to help children grow into fully rounded students, artists, and citizens who are highly successful academically, develop their full potential in music and the performing arts, and acquire the skills required to be able to thrive in a fast evolving world.

Graduates of the MUSE Academy will be:

  • Enthusiastic scholars capable of mastering academic material at a high level and embracing learning as a lifelong pursuit. Habits acquired in early years provide a strong basis for self-directed study as students advance into middle school and beyond.
  • Committed performing artists with an appreciation of music, dance, and dramatic arts as essential forms of human expression. While some may choose to go to conservatories, all MUSE graduates lives will be enriched by artistic performance, collaboration, and invention.
  • Active citizens who shape the culture of their school, take responsibility for their actions, and engage with the community to effect positive change. Through early immersion in languages and study of different cultures and historical epochs, they bring a deeper understanding of human experience and are ready to help shape the future of the planet.