Theo Tasoulas

Head of School

Theo  is an experienced independent school principal who studied at the University of California, Berkeley, and Teachers College, Columbia University. He was awarded a fellowship at the Klingenstein Center, Columbia University, for Early Career Leaders. While at university, he travelled the United States and Europe, also studying for a year in Spain.

Theo has worked in education for well over a decade in independent schools. He has spent the majority of his career in primary and middle school, working with a diverse student population, ranging from gifted and talented to special needs students. As a result, his educational approach recognizes that every child is a unique individual with enormous potential, and it is incumbent upon the school to create an environment that addresses the “whole child” so that each child can fulfill his or her potential.

As principal, perhaps his most meaningful initiative was creating a program called, "From Page to Stage." Through generous grant funding, he partnered with a children's theater group and developed a residency program that brought teaching artists into the classroom each week. He was also proud when his students obtained sponsorship for a special needs Rotary Interact Club—a community service organization led by students—just the second of its kind in the country.

Theo has focused a large part of his career on understanding curriculum theory and history, pedagogical content knowledge, and developmental learning stages, often through the lens of inclusive education and interdisciplinary learning. With a variety of conferences, school tours and literature, he continues to research best practices in the U.S and other countries in order to further refine his educational philosophy.

Theo has a passion for education and is an avid learner—frequently taking advantage of online learning courses and various lectures throughout NYC. He seeks to instill these practices and inspire his students and staff to pursue their passion. He has envisioned building a school since entering education and developed a school based on a "whole child" philosophy with a focus on music and performing arts in New Jersey.

Theo and his wife, Yasmine—a Brooklyn native—recently welcomed their first child, Victoria, to the world.