Kathleen Alexander


Kindergarten and STEM

Kathleen Alexander is a passionate educator, scholar, and performance artist based in Williamsburg, NY best known for her innovative lessons and live performances that blend a passion for self-directed discovery and creative self-expression with rigorous academic content. Equipped with an MA in Special Education and a BA in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Education, Kathleen gained certifications to teach K-8 Math, K-8 Science, and K-12 Technology and Engineering, ultimately applying this breadth of expertise to specialized STEM instruction in the primary grades.

While at university, Kathleen was awarded several NASA-funded internships that aim to supply science teachers with real-world research experience. In concert with interns from Yale, Kathleen conducted geophysics research pertaining to the origin of the Appalachian Mountains and later worked at a geodetic consortium in Boulder, CO where she developed K-12 STEM curriculum aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Since moving to Brooklyn to teach K-5 science in 2014, Kathleen has been passionately committed to presenting all material in a meaningful context while facilitating the application of math and science skills to answer provoking questions about the natural and designed worlds.

Supplementing her enthusiasm for STEM education, Kathleen has simultaneously trained and performed as a juggler and circus variety entertainer since 2010. A driven entrepreneur and advocate for social change, Kathleen began exploring alternatives to traditional education models in 2016 and spent the following year working as a resident circus arts education specialist and live, educational circus variety entertainer. Producing and directing a new student show with The National Circus Project each week, Kathleen witnessed a staggering difference in attitude, mindfulness, grit, and self-discipline when students were given the freedom to choose what and how they learn and showcase their accomplishments on stage.

Aligning seamlessly with the mission at Muse Academy, Kathleen’s evolving educational philosophy is one that values the unique learning styles, talents, and artistic perspective of every child. Perpetually driven to raise and redefine professional standard in the field of elementary education, Kathleen is thrilled to be serving as the founding Science and Math Teaching Specialist in 2018 and is eager to utilize her background in the performing arts to collaboratively develop a rich, interdisciplinary curriculum.