Music Education at MUSE

We approach music through immersive  daily instruction beginning in Pre-K that weaves rhythm, song, and simple melodies into the fabric of learning and daily life. Every MUSE artist develops baseline musicianship that builds into advanced levels of performance and music creation in succeeding years.

MUSE Academy Best Music School

discovering the joy of music

Music is integral to life at MUSE. We approach music as a living language through which students learn self-expression and reflection, while also exploring our common humanity.

The opportunity to listen, feel, and engage creatively with music sparks both the imagination and cognitive development, as nurturing musical intelligence generates positive effects across a broad spectrum of academic areas.

Careful lesson planning creates interconnections with academic subjects from humanities to math, language arts, and geography. All genres of music are explored in the MUSE curriculum, from symphonic works and opera to African and diaspora drumming, musical theatre, pop, folk, rock, and jazz. Each type of music can teach valuable aural lessons and add variety and enjoyment to students' experience of music. Encouraging openness to all the world’s music, from folk and early music to modern, is an important goal at MUSE.

Through immersive daily activities beginning in Pre-K, MUSE students learn the rudiments of music, while also discovering new means of expression and ways of communication with their peers. Fine and gross motor skills are developed through play on a wide variety of percussion instruments, and self-confidence grows as the young musicians interact with others through songs and performance.

As students mature, they will study piano, voice, percussion, recorder, guitar, composition and improvisation, along with history and theory. Private lessons will begin in 1st grade with members of the faculty at Brooklyn Music School, and our spacious BMS Theater will serve as an inspiring venue for your young musicians.

Every MUSE student will develop baseline musicianship that grows into advanced levels of performance and music creation in succeeding years. Ample opportunities for solo and ensemble performance will be provided, and the live performance of student compositions will be an engaging feature of MUSE’s curriculum.

MUSE is situated close to many of the world’s most exciting music and dance performance venues, and pupils will be encouraged to attend many kinds of music events in order to grow, and extend their musical horizons. Group concert outings starting in kindergarten will be a crucial facet of our music education, as students learn to be become critical and engaged listeners.